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What is this?

A helper site to build buttons for sharing links on the various social sites, but without loading JavaScript or invading the privacy of your visitors. You can see the source code on Github.

How do I use it?

You can use the link builder or DIY: Embed a link to with the correct parameters:

Parameter Required? Description
site Required ID of the site where you want to share. See the list below.
url Required The complete URL (including http(s) and host name) of the page to share.
text Optional Short text description, usually the page title. Supported by most, but not all sharing sites.
summary Optional Longer text description. Only supported by a few sharing sites.
image Optional Image to include. Only supported by a few sharing sites. Most sites get it from the og:image metadata

Which social sites are available?

Icon Name ID (for the site parameter) Test
Facebook facebook Share on Facebook
Google+ googleplus Share on Google+
Hacker News hn Share on Hacker News
LinkedIn linkedin Share on LinkedIn
Pinboard pinboard Share on Pinboard
Pinterest pinterest Share on Pinterest
Pocket pocket Share on Pocket
Reddit reddit Share on Reddit
StumbleUpon stumbleupon Share on StumbleUpon
Telegram telegram Share on Telegram
Tumblr tumblr Share on Tumblr
Twitter twitter Share on Twitter
VK vk Share on VK
WhatsApp whatsapp Share on WhatsApp
Wordpress wordpress Share on Wordpress
XING xing Share on XING

Can I use these images?

Yes, you can hotlink the images from the SimpleShare CDN. They are vector (.SVG) images that look good at any size and resolution in both light and dark themes. You can find variations on VectorLogoZone or via LogoSearch.

How can I tell when someone shares?

Nope. If you need to track, you can run your own copy and look at the server-side logs.

Aren't there a million sites that do exactly this?

Well, yes and no. When I went looking for them, I didn't find any that met my criteria for social links.



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